Ciku Muiruri in Agony as She Announces of Her Daughter’s Kidnap Ordeal

ciku muiruri

Erica Gachoka daughter of Media personality Ciku Muiruri and her friend Shanice Agose were on Sunday abducted by a taxi driver this was an announced by her mother.

Going by her Facebook post, Muiruri claims that her daughter was abducted at 2 am on Sunday, though she dint not share more details on the incident.

Her facebook post read “Peace be with you all. Novena is below. But first, I have a very special favour to ask each and every one of you. In the early hours of Sunday morning (2 am), my daughter and a friend of hers were abducted by a taxi driver,” Muiruri wrote. 

A distressed Muiruri asked her followers to pray that the abductors do not harm the two friends.

“We know that prayers can move mountains. Stop wars. Please pray for my daughter Erica Njeri and her friend Shanice Agose as part of your intentions. Also, and this is very important, pray for those who have taken them, that their souls may not be lost,” she added.

“I will not have a bite to eat until she is safely returned. And I have faith that with all your prayers, she will be returned to me safe and sound,” she added.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to get her home safely but I know that we cannot even tie our shoes without God’s Grace. I have no control over what they are doing to her, where she is or if I will ever see her alive again,” Ciku Muiruri added.

Erica has been championing for easy access to blood transfusion services for all Kenyans in need.

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