Markatable Diploma Courses to Study in Kenya

The most marketable courses that lands u a job or leads to self reliance are important so as to make a decisive choice considering the current situation.

I have tried to compile for you in the list below,This could be helpful to some undecided individuals out there:

Diploma in Nursing
This is a course that is in high demand here is a huge demand of nurses in Kenya and around the world.
There has always been a shortage of nurses in public hospitals as the government looks for measure to cub this.
Kenya Medical Training College is known for the best diploma courses in Nursing in Kenya

 Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
 Electrical & Electronics Engineering course is one of the best paying diploma courses in Kenya.
Most of them find work at companies like Kenya Power, KenGen and Kenya power and lightening the likes.
As your experience increases you get to earn up to 150K a moth.

Diploma in Accounting and Finance
The corporate world will always need accountants and financial experts. It is no wonder that these courses are the most s0ught after diploma courses in Kenya.
Colleges like the Kenya Institute of Management offer excellent diploma courses in Accounting and Finance.

. Journalism and Mass Communication
Journalism remains the best among competitive college  courses as well as the most dynamic and fast changing field especially where the digital world keep on evolving.
The media is growing quite fast, and more people are seeking out the services of professionals in this field. If you have always had a desire for the journalism field and are wondering where to go, enroll now at the Kenya institute of Mass Communication or pick from other accredited colleges

 Diploma in Architecture
With a starting salary of 50K a month, Diploma in Architecture is a well-paying job.
The number of architects in Kenya is still low, and those with the skills and experience are highly valued.
The demand has gone up due to the fast paced construction not only in Nairobi but also in the city outskirts.

Diploma in Business Management
This is one of the most marketable diploma courses in Kenya. Like customer service it is considered flooded but this is far from the truth.
You can pursue a diploma in business management at Kenya Institute of Management, Moi University among others.
Certificate in Business management (Business Management)
This course takes duration of 1 year and is suited for those who want to progress in their careers and eventually work as business administrators, financial managers, human resource managers as well as marketers.
Those who successfully complete this course can choose to proceed to diploma, then advanced diploma and eventually enroll for bachelor of commerce or bachelor of business administration.
This course is offered in several recognized colleges including Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development, Riccatti Business College, Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, Tropical College of Management and many more.

Certificate/diploma of Procurement
Do you want to be in involved in making key decisions in the management of business?
Welcome to the field of Procurement. It is one of the fastest growing professions in business. With the current economic outlook, companies are turning to procurement professionals to deliver growth and improve margins.
Procurement Professionals are charged with the responsibility of company’s purchases and this helps to open great career options in the industry like Purchasing and Supplies among others.
These are just but a few marketable certificate and diploma courses in Kenya that will guarantee you a fast job opportunity after graduation.

Certificate of Human Resource Management
A Certificate in Human Resource Management is a hot cake course that will get you into the Administration job market.
According to Kentrac College, A course in HRM grooms you for a post in Office Administration and management.
A 12 Months-course costs KES 17,300 at Kentrac and a 6 Month course costs KES 27,500 at IHRM.
This is definitely one of the most marketable courses.

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