Kenya and Djibouti Agree on Visa-Free to Boost Trade

Kenya and Djibouti will push for a visa-free regime to spur trade.

The two countries will also exploit and further their existing relations to grow investments.

This was reached on Sunday when President William Ruto met his counterpart Ismaïl Omar Guelleh at the Palais Présidentiel in Djibouti.

The two leaders agreed to establish the Kenya-Djibouti business council that will drive commerce between the two countries.

President Ruto said, Djibouti people visiting Kenyans will not be required to have visas.

“This is part of our contribution to easing the movement of people, goods and services in Africa,” he added.

He announced that Kenya and Djibouti will also build synergy on tourism and hospitality to boost their earnings.

The Head of State observed that the development would be underpinned by the resumption of air transport between Nairobi and Djibouti.

President Ruto said the strengthening of ties between Kenya and Djibouti will also inspire stability in the region.

“Making the region — especially the Horn of Africa — stable is our foremost assignment,” he explained.

President Guelleh noted that with peace, countries can make strides and attain the anticipated transformation in Africa.

“We can only develop our world when we are secure,” insisted the Djibouti President.

Meanwhile, President Ruto has asked leaders to step forward and formulate effective solutions to unemployment, poverty and inequality facing Africa.

Kenya and Djibouti Agree on Visa-Free to Boost Trade

He said it is time Africa aspirations were put at the center of the world’s interests.

“We are not looking for any favor; we have the resources, practical views and solutions to the climate crisis.”

He said this during his address to the National Assembly of Djibouti.

The President noted that it is time Africa’s unity was deepened and its voice made vocal and clear for it to grow.

“That is why we must integrate and push for free trade that will create more jobs and incomes.”

He maintained that Africa could not afford to continue blaming its past for its failures.

“It is a reformed and streamlined African Union that will elevate give our continent a new lease of life.”

He said the operationalization of a Pan-African Parliament will further “help Africa meet the challenges of our time”.

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